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      he Wanping Management Office is a special project for the maintenance of Category 3 bridges and Category 3 components in the Wanping section of the Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway.
      2020-07-28 14:43:46

             Wanping Expressway is an important part of the expressway from Shanghai to Xi'an, with a total length of 150.8 kilometers. A total of 144 sets of intelligent prestressed carbon plate reinforcement systems are used in this reinforcement project, with a design tensile strength of 1000MPa and a tensile force of 14 tons, of which 44 sets are 100*1.4mm in size and 20m in length. Meter box girder; 88 sets of carbon plates with a size of 100*1.4 and a length of 25m are used to reinforce 30m box girder; 12 sets of carbon plates with a size of 100*1.4mm and a length of 30m are used to reinforce 35m box girder.

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