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    1. Case

      Shock absorption


      Location:Home > Case Shock absorption Building

      Business Building-National Technology Transfer Zhengzhou Center
      2020-08-05 14:55:04

      Project introduction: The total land area of the National Technology Transfer Zhengzhou Center Project has reached 22531.75m2 and the total construction area is 146494.74m2, of which the above-ground construction area is 104285.01m2, the underground construction area is 42209.73m2, the building base area is 8620.44m2, and the floor area ratio is 4.62. A total of 269 buckling supports were used in the project, including 104 in A zone, 90 in B zone and 75 in C zone. There are seven design values of yield capacity: 650KN, 1800KN, 4000KN, 6000KN, 7000KN, 10000KN, and 12000KN.

      Application product: Buckling restraint support

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