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    1. Case

      Shock absorption

      School hospital

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      Educational Medical-Beijing School
      2020-08-05 14:51:04

      Project introduction: Beijing School is the fourth school named "Beijing" in Beijing after Beijing Elementary School, Beijing Middle School, and Peking University. It is one of the landmark projects in the construction of Beijing City Sub-center, with a total construction area of about 150,000 square meters. , Consists of shared area, middle school, dormitory, canteen and other auxiliary rooms. The shared area is a highlight of the Beijing school's functional layout. Relying on the STEM education system, an open and shared large-scale STEM laboratory and technological innovation center will be built to help students explore the mysteries of nature. The school will also set up functional spaces such as art palaces, gymnasiums, and Model United Nations to meet the diverse development needs of students. By exploring a new school-running model, the school will lead the Beijing City Sub-center's educational resources to a high starting point, high standards and high quality.

      Application products: viscous damping wall, buckling restraint support

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